Looking Ahead

I hope you and your families are keeping well as we start to see easing of lockdown and a return to travel, if not normality. A month on from the end of the season I wanted to bring you up to speed with our preparations for next season when we hope that all our members will be able to enjoy their wildfowling.
The Committee held its first ever Zoom meeting last week during which we mapped out how we felt club business could be conducted until we are able to hold our normal face to face meetings. With no sign of a return to larger gatherings for the foreseeable we are first and foremost postponing the AGM until the restrictions are lifted. When it is both permitted and safe to do so we shall issue notice of an AGM and proceed as normal.
In the meantime we shall:
  • Issue a written summary of the accounts to all members once audited together with joining details for next season
  • Hold subscriptions at their current levels for the coming year
  • Hold current Committee members and officers in post until an AGM
  • Hold new membership applications in abeyance in date order until we are able to conduct the usual process
  • Place a hold on visitor permits until we are satisfied that the law permits travel for wildfowling 
I hope this is helpful. As we move out of lockdown, and circumstances change, I will continue to update you all via the website.

Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association