Responsible Wildfowling
Chairman’s piece
As our geese arrive it seems that the risk of contracting this virus increases.  We unfortunately cannot ignore either the risk or the controls in place in Scotland. We have published on this website our latest Risk Assessment and I ask that you all consider, and act upon it. If you feel there are any additional risks we have missed let me know.
I am also conscious that many of you may travel from other jurisdictions where the rules are different. Please make sure that you are fully conversant with the specific rules for Scotland before you visit. In particular please note that sharing accommodation whilst up here is currently not permitted and there are two household limits on dining etc. Hotels, self catering establishments and pubs will give more detail. 
Whilst I accept that this is not a matter for this club I would not wish to see the sport, or club, brought into disrepute due to a breach of this or any other rules. Our position feels very precarious at present and many eyes are on us looking for opportunities to criticise or worse.
Please stay safe and respect the safety of others whilst you enjoy your wildfowling on our merses.

September 2020

Well here we are at last and able to finally get out on the shore. It has been a really tough year for us all and I am sure this comes as a great relief.

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Solway Wildfolwers photo

August 2020

I expect that you will have submitted your membership renewal and hope that if you are having difficulties you have contacted our Treasurer, Rab, for a chat about how we can help.

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