Chairman’s piece

Firstly, I hope that you are all staying safe and well. We are living though unprecedented times and I do not doubt that each of you will be trying to come to terms with a very different world.

I cannot anticipate what decision will be taken on the continuing lockdown. Nevertheless, it is becoming very clear that life will not return to what he have come to regard as normal for a considerable time. For that reason we cannot continue club business in the usual manner but should in my view be ready to open our season on 1 September as usual, irrespective of any government restrictions that are placed on our members. 

In terms of practical obstacles we face it seems likely that pubs, restaurants and possibly hotels, will remain closed for months to come. It is equally likely that there will be a continuing restriction on the numbers who may gather together at any one time. Lastly, irrespective of government dictating to us many people are going to continue to be wary of meeting and are likely to maintain social distancing. A good number of our membership are in the “at risk” category by  virtue of age or other medical conditions (I include myself). None of these points are conducive to meetings of any sort over the period between now and next season. For this reason I have made the decision that the AGM for this year is cancelled.

Nonetheless, your committee is continuing to work at club business and you will receive a full written update covering:

  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurers Report and copy accounts
  • Club Officers
  • Membership details for the new season
  • Details for new memberships to be considered (will be published on the website)

As always if you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact me through the website.

Best wishes and stay safe

September 2020

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Solway Wildfolwers photo

August 2020

I expect that you will have submitted your membership renewal and hope that if you are having difficulties you have contacted our Treasurer, Rab, for a chat about how we can help.

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