6 months as chairman
Chairman’s piece

Around 6 months into the new role as Chairman I thought that I would give you a flavour for what the committee and  I have been doing on our members behalf behind the scenes.

You will know from previous posts that I am very well aware of the threats to wildfowling in an increasingly urban society. In that respect I recently met with BASC to discuss these threats and how we can influence better behaviour on the shore in an attempt to throw off some of the tarnished image that Solway wildfowling has. I also discussed land purchase and how BASC could be asked to support the club though the Wildfowl Habitat Trust if an opportunity arose. I am pleased to say that they were very responsive in all respects.

 You are probably also aware that Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is reviewing the byelaws for the NNR that influences much of what happens in our area of the Solway. Whilst the proposals were expected in late spring they are still awaited. Nonetheless, your committee and I have considered the current byelaws and put forward SSWA position to retain these as currently drafted save for a minor change to byelaw 1. to give practical effect to it.

 [It is not for me to make political comment but I am sure that one of the matters you will consider in the next few weeks is which political party or parties can best serve the interest of country sports.]*

 I hope this gives an insight into what happens behind the scenes.

 May I wish all of you the compliments of the season and happy and healthy 2020.

Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association