Wildfowling on the Solway

Scottish solway wildfowlers association

Wildfowling on the solway

Just before dawn, you are laying face down on the cold frost covered bank of a frozen ditch. As the sun begins to rise, in the near distance you hear the beating of wings above your head.  Now is your chance, for there might not be another on this wild morning’s flight.

Application forms to join the Association should be downloaded from this website and sent in hard copy, completed and duly signed by a proposer and seconder, who have to be current members of the Association, to the Secretary.

Wildfowling is difficult and challenging but is one of the oldest and purest forms of hunting. With a good supply of wild ducks, waders and geese and views across the Solway, we believe Wildfowling on the Solway is very rewarding and an experience you are sure to remember.

The Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association started in 1953 and have a strong commitment to protecting the practice of Wildfowling on the Solway Estuary. 

Wildfowling on the Solway

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Chairman's Corner

Regular updates about Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association from our Chairman Dave Gilbert

Chairman’s Updates

Firstly I hope that you and your families are staying safe in these increasingly difficult times. I had hoped when we came out of the national lockdown and began our season in September that I would not have to post in detail about further Covid 19 measures again.

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September 2020

Well here we are at last and able to finally get out on the shore. It has been a really tough year for us all and I am sure this comes as a great relief.

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What is Wildfowling?

Wildfowling is the pursuit of geese, ducks and waders, often on estuaries and coastal marshes.  Wildfowling is mainly a solitary sport, requiring considerable stamina and patience as it takes place during the winter months, in cold, and often wet and muddy conditions.  It is, in essence, the pursuit of wildfowl in wild places.

Scottish Solway Wildfowlers Association